La Nef des fous (Jheronimus Bosch), c. 1500
La Nef des fous (Jheronimus Bosch), c. 1500

Happy Faces on Facebook or Endless Childhood (Part I)

There is no doubt that rapid development of social media in the recent years has introduced a number of rather disturbing socio-economic and psychological phenomena never appearing on such scale or in such numbers in prior times, hence the usual perspective of “how the world has changed since Facebook” (or, really, introduction of any other social network) from which there have now been written, literally, hundreds of books and thousands of articles published. However, social media is rarely looked at as a powerful sociological research instrument in exposing possible deep down problems that the modern-day societies might be facing, which otherwise remain overlooked. In this article series I’d like to discuss some of those possible deep down problems, one by one, in the hope of shedding some light on the actual present state of social affairs in the UK (which is, of course, the primary focus) and other Western countries.

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