Jeffrey Tayler And His “Way Out”

In one of his recent articles, Jeffrey Tayler of The Atlantic calls the newly introduced Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014, I quote, “bill of stunning recklessness that seems specifically designed to destroy what remains of relations between the United States and Russia”. Well, that may be, but the mentioned relations were never simple, and, you see, the worst possible outcome these days is the new Cold War, which present-day Russia, regardless of all the trumpeting of how independent and autonomous it is from the West, is simply not going to survive. Its’ dependence on the West ranges from basic foods to automotive and aerospace industries, and this dependence is not solely economic – it’s largely ideological. When an apparently nationalist Russian public opinions leader Vladimir Soloviev talks of how he wants to have a freedom of choice when it comes to his lifestyle and how the imposed sanctions deprive him of that right on one of the most popular government radio stations, it’s obvious that the United States are on the right track to make the Russian elites say “no, thank you, you can have Ukraine, just don’t make us eat grechka again” at some point. I’m talking about the elites because the public is largely already lost in this whole Ukraine crisis situation, where on the TV they see people from Donetsk talking of how they need Russian help, while many of the Ukranian refugees they see on the streets of their cities openly blame Russia for their hardships and hope to go back as soon as “this whole mess wears off”.

“How would the Russian president react to such an ultimatum? The former FSB chief, whose 14-year tenure in the country’s highest offices has bristled with televised displays of manliness and derring-do, would never submit to it. Sanctions have so far done nothing but consolidate domestic support for him and his Ukraine policy.”

Well, it’s the “king’s men” who control the country’s wealth, not the king himself, and it’s not just my opinion that they wouldn’t want a full-scale Cold War.

“Previous administrations understood that they had to recognize and even accommodate, however grudgingly, Soviet interests. With the threat of nuclear war looming, they had no choice. That threat has not by any means disappeared.”

Once again, the modern-day Russia is not ready for any prolonged conflict, let alone a nuclear war.

Once again, the modern-day Russia is not ready for any prolonged conflict, let alone a nuclear war.

“The fact remains that Russia for centuries was a major power (and may become one again). Its “national ego” befits a country with a thousand-year past—a nation that played the dominant role in defeating the Nazis and underwent, in the space of a few decades, a transformation from a backward agricultural land to a nuclear superpower that launched the first satellite, dog, man, and woman into space.”

Become a major power… based on what? I, for one, would like to see Russia becoming a new powerful geopolitical pole, as this would solve a number of major problems in the region, but I’m more than aware of the fact that it’s no more than just a dream. At least, for now. The current Russian state exists to extract and re-distribute the country’s wealth, it doesn’t have a solid socio-economic or ideological foundation to do anything else.

“If Obama decides to forgo the path of diplomacy with Russia and continue with punitive measures alone (as the Republicans’ Russian Aggression Prevention Act would have it, and as the president himself seems set on doing), he needs to explain how the United States and Europe will manage in the long term without a working relationship with Russia, a country that is key to resolving critical conflicts in Iran, Syria, and elsewhere. Most of all, he needs to explain by what strategic or moral calculus he has decided to risk the fate of our planet. The time to start talking is now.”

Exactly. The sole reason for this critique short to appear in Waybridge’s Controversia was to demonstrate a shallow and uncorroborated attack on Obama’s administration by Mr. Tayler, that was re-published by quite a few trustworthy Russian news agencies. Not that I’m big Obama’s fan, but anyone deeply familiar with the Ukraine crisis and the present situation in Russia would know that this is no more than just a pile of rubbish. Goodnight, sweet prince.

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